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Organic fruits and veggies…. March 16, 2010

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First off your local farmers market is your best bet for local, fresh and organic fruits and veggies.

Ask the farmer if they follow organic practices. Some farmers have always followed organic practices but haven’t paid for the certification.

Find a farmers market or farmer near you! Go to local harvest .org

You can also choose to buy into a Farm, called a farm share. You can learn more about Community Supported Agriculture on the local harvest website as well. I found some farms on craigslist in my area that are offering a farm share. The idea is to buy into a farm for the growing season. in my area it costs about $19 per week and each week you pick up your “share” of the crops.  Many farms also offer classes and would love for you to take part in the farming experience as much as you’d like!

Buying out of season or at the supermarket:  The environmental working group  lets you know which fruits and veggies are best/worst in regards to pesticides. This link gives you a list of 47 different varieties. So you can make an educated decision and choose which ones to buy organic and which ones to not buy organic. 

Dr. Mercola site has several links and ideas on promoting sustainable agriculture.

Peeling your fruits and veggies to avoid buying organic:

I have heard from many people, that you if you can peel a fruit you can buy it non-organic. I’m not sure I buy this. Things in nature absorb chemicals including our bodies. I can’t imagine that an apple doesn’t absorb the pesticides into it. You can make that assumption on your own.

I can’t seem to find any info on this, if you know please let us know!



One Response to “Organic fruits and veggies….”

  1. Susan Says:

    Root crops carrots, potatoes, beets, onions and the likes are subject to the greatest systemic contamination ( toxins absorbed from the soil into the veggie) So I have to presume any veggies or fruits that are sprayed with anything are going to absorb some of it.

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