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Natural Carpet deodorizer May 21, 2010

I was looking through a green forum and a question of carpet deodorizer came up! Since we use a recipe at home I shared and I thought I’d share here too!  I added a couple other ideas just incase you don’t like what we choose to do!

There a ton of recipes online. I use this recipe and it works well. Someone in the green forum suggested using an old parmesan cheese container. We just bought a baking soda container that allows for sprinkling and reuse it. My mom actually gave an essential oil cleaning basket to us for christmas this year, (it was my idea for my brothers, needless to say I didn’t need most of it, but it was fun to help her put together.) this powder recipe was one of our things we made.

It works great! especially for me with my two dogs, one being a puppy!

Note: If you are looking for high-quality, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils, I highly recommend Natures Sunshine Products, I am simply in love with their products, they are a trusted company in our family and used in several parts of our daily life! 

Carpet Deodorizer


10 drops Tea Tree
10 drops Lemon
20 drops Lavender (sometimes I switch this one out for another one of my favorites)
1 16 ounce box of baking soda
Directions: Add the baking soda to a large bowl and then add the essential oils. Be sure to mix the oils into the baking soda well. Since lemon essential oil is normally yellow, it is essential that it is mixed well into the baking soda so that no undiluted lemon oil stains your carpet. This blend may be adapted to use your favorite essential oils, but strive to add essential oils that offer antibacterial and disinfectant properties to give the deodorizer an added benefit (the oils in this blend work to accomplish that). After you have blended the oils into the baking soda, the deodorizer can be stored in a glass jar or airtight container.  Sprinkle the deodorizer onto your carpet.  Allow the deodorizer to sit on your carpet for 10-20 minutes and then vacuum normally.
Another idea:

I also saw this site while doing a quick search. It has ideas of adding aromatics! such great ideas.

Yet one more way to do it:

•1 cup baking soda
•1/2 cup cornstarch
•favorite herbal scent or essential oils

I haven’t searched to find out what the cornstarch does, but you can get this in the bins at Winco to make it cheaper.


A Win for Walmart May 3, 2010

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I know, I know…Walmart?

Yep. I can honestly say I am impressed by Walmart and their move toward supplying more organic and “green” products. Say what you will about their employee policies and business ethics, but they sure made my organic gardening easy and affordable.

On a random trip to my local Walmart, I was shocked to find biodegradable seed starters with organic soil, organic potting mix and plant food and organic seeds. Hooray! I was preparing to order from catalogs and hunt down supplies throughout the Portland area.

I felt so much better knowing that was I was growing was organic, and being sown in organic soil. No harmful pesticides or chemicals will get into my food this growing season.


Cereal update… March 12, 2010

I found a cereal the kids like and it is organic, plus it is from a company I like. Barbaras Bakery.  We found their puffins cereal to make a great snack but not the best cereal and milk sort of thing. So finding the Organic Wild puffs is a plus!

Proceeds are donated to a great cause, helping to save puffins. It’s a bird I didn’t know of before buying the cereal, but in reading the box my kids got excited about helping an animal, learning about the animal and learning that our purchase choices affects others. Such a great concept!

Okay so on to our new favorite cereal,

They seem to like it!

It’s Organic, so I’m confident in what is in it, non GMO, and all natural ingredients.

The only thing I’m not sold on is the price, so it looks like we’ll enjoy a bowl of Organic Wild Puffs once in a while….at $4.59 a box, I’ll keep an eye out for sales. Oh and I just saw cocoa ones too! My kids love their chocolate. I’ll have to give them a call and find out if they use free trade chocolate! 🙂

Maybe I’ll start a cereal co-op. Who’s in?!

Until next time~Sarah


Blown Away at Bob’s March 3, 2010

Today, I went to Bob’s Red Mill. Wow. It was incredible.

Someone had asked me to make a gluten free cake for a baby shower . In all my research and searching, I found Bob’s gluten free chocolate cake mix to be the tastiest, with a texture closest to “normal” cakes. So, hoping to find better prices than Fred Meyer had to offer, I headed out to visit the Mill.

I was wonderfully surprised, first of all, by the prices. They were half the cost, and sometimes a bit less than half. The selection was outstanding, from fresh baked breads and pastries, to bulk foods, to restaurant sized bags of dry goods. Organic options were all over the place, and most of Bob’s products are GMO free and all natural. I also enjoyed a fabulous lunch (the potato soup was to die for!) My meal was very reasonably priced, down right cheap for the quality of food I got. Yummm. Breakfast is also popular here, and some of the meals I saw around me looked super.

Overall, I was totally impressed with Bob. I can say I will be using him for all my baking needs.

Another sustainable success!



Cereal Struggle… February 24, 2010

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First of all, I’m cheap! I refuse to pay $5 for a box of cereal or even $3 for that matter.  That might be because growing up I was not really a fan of cereal or milk for that matter. My kids didn’t even eat a bowl of cereal until about the age of three. It just wasn’t something I liked. There is a universal mother rule,  if you’re cold your child must be. I assumed the same with cereal in a subconscious kind of way. Well, my kids proved my theory to be wrong when they found the gold that is cereal. I too have jumped on the cereal train; don’t tell anyone but, I sometimes am lazy and let them eat it for dinner.

So, over the past few years I have really struggled with finding a healthy cereal that isn’t made from GMO corn and doesn’t have tons of perservatives or words I can’t understand or High Fructose Corn Syrup. My kids like a cereal called Puffins,  it is expensive in my opinion. I buy it for them and they always agree to eat it and never end up finishing the bag (so they sort of like it, or they like the idea of it). We’ve gone through many of cereals trying to find one they love, that I also love.

They love the big name brands of course, and anything with chocolate in it. Who doesn’t love captain crunch and lucky charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, my favorite.

We were at new seasons the other day and my daughter found a box called coco bumpers. I knew right away this would be another box left alone on our cereal shelf never to be touched again, but for some reason I did the uh-huh mom thing without thinking and into my cart it went. The brand is Mother’s, therefore it must be good right? In giant writing across the front it says it is made with “real natural cocoa”, that should have been the first sign that it was a set up.  I didn’t really read much of anything else at the store, remember, I did the uh-huh thing and put it in the cart. When I was feeding it to my kids one morning on a closer look, I noticed it is distributed by the quaker oats company! UGH…another cereal disaster. There is good news though, My son loves it, so it wont be wasted, and if you promise not to judge me, my 8 month old also loves it.

I’m still on a search and haven’t settled into a cereal I really feel good about feeding them. My goal is to research the companies more and find out where their grains come from etc.

I also promise not to buy anymore Cinnamon Toast Crunch when it is on sale for only $1. Sometimes I can’t resist that cheap cereal price! I know though, in the long run that dollar isn’t money well spent.

So the struggle continues….



Green Grocery Goals February 23, 2010

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Mission: My first shopping trip to Trader Joe’s.

Question: Can I buy my weekly groceries for around the same total cost and go organic?

I head to Joe’s, looking very Oregonian in my flips flops, jeans, messy bun and Oregon Ducks hoodie. To complete my urban hippie-chic look, I even wrangled up all my reusable grocery sacks, which I must admit, haven’t made an appearance at my previous shopping trips to Safeway and Wal-Mart. I’m jumping remember? Plus, I want to look like a seasoned pro at Trader Joe’s, not a newbie.

What did I find? Organic food is pricey, but not all of it is unreasonable. I found tortilla chips and many other organic products sold under the Trader Joe’s label to be quite comparable. Some prices shocked me. But, I kept reminding myself that quality food, made without growth hormones and tons of chemicals, SHOULD cost more. Overall, I spent a little more than I normally would, but I also bought some food that didn’t make my grocery list, just to try it out.

After my so-so go at green grocery glory, I was a bit disappointed, but not defeated.

Then, today, I was banking inside the Fred Meyers, when I decided to take a stroll through their organic section. I was excited to see a great selection, and some pretty great prices. They had lots of sales and many choices that I did not see at Joe’s. The bulk foods section even offered some fair-trade items, as well as many organic foods. Then, it  was as if the end cape lit up with the beam of sun breaking through the clouds to spot light organic cheesy pasta goodness. Mac and Cheese, on special, half-off.  There is hope. I can make eco-friendly, organic food choices and not destroy my bank account.

Now, I am sitting with a bowl full of organic pasta bunnies, made with organic milk and regular butter (I am still using up my Wal-mart food…it’s a process, remember?) . The best part is it tastes great; maybe it is the taste of a small victory, or maybe the flavor of knowing what I am putting in my mouth didn’t come at the cost destroying of our planet.

I’d say it was a pretty promising start to this adventure…