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Cereal update… March 12, 2010

I found a cereal the kids like and it is organic, plus it is from a company I like. Barbaras Bakery.  We found their puffins cereal to make a great snack but not the best cereal and milk sort of thing. So finding the Organic Wild puffs is a plus!

Proceeds are donated to a great cause, helping to save puffins. It’s a bird I didn’t know of before buying the cereal, but in reading the box my kids got excited about helping an animal, learning about the animal and learning that our purchase choices affects others. Such a great concept!

Okay so on to our new favorite cereal,

They seem to like it!

It’s Organic, so I’m confident in what is in it, non GMO, and all natural ingredients.

The only thing I’m not sold on is the price, so it looks like we’ll enjoy a bowl of Organic Wild Puffs once in a while….at $4.59 a box, I’ll keep an eye out for sales. Oh and I just saw cocoa ones too! My kids love their chocolate. I’ll have to give them a call and find out if they use free trade chocolate! 🙂

Maybe I’ll start a cereal co-op. Who’s in?!

Until next time~Sarah


Cereal wars… February 25, 2010

Thank you Food Inc. for being so informative and for making me so aware of what I am putting into my family’s bodies.
After yesterday’s post, Katelan asked me why the Quaker Oats Company is bad. I didn’t have a solid answer, I just know that after watching  Food Inc.  and King Corn, I’m much more skeptical of big box companies. Just to put to rest my insecurity over the Quaker Oats Company, I looked up Mother’s cereal. I called their customer service to find out where the corn used in their cereal comes from. The woman on the phone said, “I can’t tell you if the corn used in our cereal is genetically modified (GM) or not. I’m thinking, “are you kidding me? Your cereal claims to be all natural but since “80%” of corn grown in the us is GM, there is no way to tell?”  I’m sorry but all natural doesn’t scream GM to me!  And as Katelan pointed out, they probably didn’t use fair trade cocoa either. So small children were  most likely enslaved to bring me my Mother’s Natural, Cocoa Bumpers. In retrospect, I should have just gone co0-co0 for Cocoa Puffs and actually enjoyed the bowl of chocolately goodness. Okay, so  I just went a little overboard with the cocoa puffs comment, honestly I did avoid the High Fructose Corn Syrup among the other things I can’t pronounce by purchasing the “all natural” cocoa bumpers. And this is a process, I’ll figure it out in due time, and we will survive after eating our box of cocoa bumpers. This process of calling companies has, however has put me on a mission to find a cereal that doesn’t use GM ingredients and doesn’t break the bank. I’m on a mission, wish me luck!

Soap Box:   So scientists might think that genetically modifying my food is a good idea but I sure don’t. My mom was at Costco yesterday and over heard a woman very frustrated saying, “I need to blow off some steam! I can’t believe that guy thinks eating Organic is pointless.”  My mom went over and told her she believe in eating organic. The woman proceeded to explain that a man next to her in the aisle said he was a scientist and he thought eating organic was a big ploy to get American’s to spend more money and eating organic makes no difference in the quality of food you’re buying.  admittingly I once thought much like the scientist. But I have since changed my views after some research and education.

To the scientist in Costco: You’re telling me that pesticides are good? I’d like to see him curled up next to the fire with a hot steaming cup of pesticides!

Still on a search for Non-GM, Healthy, Tasty, Organic, Fair Trade Cereal…

Too much to ask? ~Sarah


Cereal Struggle… February 24, 2010

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First of all, I’m cheap! I refuse to pay $5 for a box of cereal or even $3 for that matter.  That might be because growing up I was not really a fan of cereal or milk for that matter. My kids didn’t even eat a bowl of cereal until about the age of three. It just wasn’t something I liked. There is a universal mother rule,  if you’re cold your child must be. I assumed the same with cereal in a subconscious kind of way. Well, my kids proved my theory to be wrong when they found the gold that is cereal. I too have jumped on the cereal train; don’t tell anyone but, I sometimes am lazy and let them eat it for dinner.

So, over the past few years I have really struggled with finding a healthy cereal that isn’t made from GMO corn and doesn’t have tons of perservatives or words I can’t understand or High Fructose Corn Syrup. My kids like a cereal called Puffins,  it is expensive in my opinion. I buy it for them and they always agree to eat it and never end up finishing the bag (so they sort of like it, or they like the idea of it). We’ve gone through many of cereals trying to find one they love, that I also love.

They love the big name brands of course, and anything with chocolate in it. Who doesn’t love captain crunch and lucky charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, my favorite.

We were at new seasons the other day and my daughter found a box called coco bumpers. I knew right away this would be another box left alone on our cereal shelf never to be touched again, but for some reason I did the uh-huh mom thing without thinking and into my cart it went. The brand is Mother’s, therefore it must be good right? In giant writing across the front it says it is made with “real natural cocoa”, that should have been the first sign that it was a set up.  I didn’t really read much of anything else at the store, remember, I did the uh-huh thing and put it in the cart. When I was feeding it to my kids one morning on a closer look, I noticed it is distributed by the quaker oats company! UGH…another cereal disaster. There is good news though, My son loves it, so it wont be wasted, and if you promise not to judge me, my 8 month old also loves it.

I’m still on a search and haven’t settled into a cereal I really feel good about feeding them. My goal is to research the companies more and find out where their grains come from etc.

I also promise not to buy anymore Cinnamon Toast Crunch when it is on sale for only $1. Sometimes I can’t resist that cheap cereal price! I know though, in the long run that dollar isn’t money well spent.

So the struggle continues….